As a nonprofit foundation, Baking Memories 4 Kids offers many different fundraising options and we are always open to discussing any new and exciting possibilities. We encourage companies, organizations and individuals to look at ways that they can support our Cookie Kids and bring our foundation’s mission forward in a way that best suits their platform.

In the past we have had businesses create entertaining events for their clientele. From Guest Bartending Events, to special purchase promotions, bars & restaurants have come up with ideas on ways to generate funds from their local communities.

Even if you choose not to incorporate sales of our cookies, there is always a way to think outside the box or in our case the cookie jar. Several franchises of Panera bread have a special round up program where their customers are able to give the change from their purchases right to the foundation at the point of sale. And some during the holidays will sell their own products with a portion of the revenue donated to the foundation.

Schools and other non -profit organizations have been replacing their traditional fundraising programs and incorporating our chocolate chip cookies into their rotation. And Baking Memories 4 Kids will donate a portion from each container purchased back to that organization. This way their members can sell a quality product with a deeper meaning behind it while raising money for their own cause. It is a great way to show their philanthropic spirit.

We have had several Memory Makers create fundraisers of their own. Whether it be at work, at school or at play, our amazing supporters are always looking for ways to incorporate Baking Memories 4 Kids’ mission into their everyday lives.  Our newest program, Bake Your Own Memories 4 Kids, allows our supporters from across the country to create their own bake sales and then donate the profits for others in need.   You will be amazed by some of the incredible things they have come up with over the years.

But here is the BEST part of our fundraising program, Baking Memories 4 Kids will take those dollars raised by your fundraising efforts and focus them right in your location. So in essence your neighbors, friends, and family members are helping to do something amazing for someone within your own community. You will witness firsthand the impact your fundraising efforts have had on a little boy or girl within your own area.

If you would like me information about fundraising or have an idea or suggestion, please contact us at