Rensselaer girl surprised with ‘chocolate chip’ trip to Disney

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RENSSELAER – It’s usually not a good sign when First Response vehicles come rolling down your street with lights and sirens going and a bunch of people are gathered outside your home. But it was for the Harmon family.

A team from the city of Rensselaer and “Baking Memories 4 Kids” Non-Profit rolled up to deliver a surprise. Drea Harmon, 3, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was just two-weeks old. But the family has persevered. She turns 4 in January and in February, she and her parents Jesse and Nina, are going to Disney World.

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Nonprofit Baking Memories 4 Kids is sending families in Southern Colorado on the trip of a lifetime

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COLORADO SPRINGS & PEYTON, Colo. – Nonprofit Baking Memories 4 Kids is sending families in Southern Colorado on the trip of a lifetime. NewsChannel13’s Cinthia Maldonado has the touching story about how they’re creating sweet memories for kids battling illnesses in Southern Colorado.

What first sounded like a nearby fire turned out to be the most exciting news the Gates family had received in a while.

“I am looking for carter?”

Founder Frank Squeo arrived in a fire engine with Colorado Springs firefighters, with chocolate chip cookies & a giant Mickey Mouse in hand to tell Carter and his family.

“Obviously, I’m holding this baby for a reason. You guys, the whole family, you and your sister, mom and dad, are going to go to all of the Florida amusement parks. Disney world, Sea World, Universal Studios, Legoland, not only are you going you’re going got an entire week!”

Baking Memories 4 Kids provides children with life threatening illnesses and their families with an all-inclusive paid vacation all thanks to sales from their cookies.

“What I want to do is create for these kids are memories.”

  Frank knows firsthand what it’s like to battle cancer— he’s a survivor himself.

Carter battled Leukemia for four years and says its time to enjoy being a kid!

“I’m really excited that someone has given me the opportunity to go to four different parks, to have fun at a village with their own personal house, and just have fun and forget and make special memories.”

“Next stop we are going to be visiting Dustin. He has Chronic kidney disease. [He’s] a 17-year-old-boy and he lives in Peyton.”

For the second time today— the sirens go off and Frank delivers the sweet news to the Mercer family.  “We reward amazing people like yourself and how do we reward you? Well, we’re sending your entire family to Disney World for an entire week.”

Dustin, a young boy of few words thinks, “It’s pretty cool!”

And can’t wait to ride the roller coasters.  His mother says this will be their first time they go to Disney World.

“I’m super excited I’m shaking.”

Frank bakes cookies for one reason; to bring joy to those who’ve battled the fight of their life.

Both families will go on their trip in the upcoming months. The cookies are on sale online at Baking Memories 4 Kids.

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Cookie sales raise money to send sick children and their families to Disney World

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CHICAGO — For the past four years, a nonprofit group has been baking up a phenomenal way to help families with sick kids.

Baking Memories 4 Kids sells cookies and then uses the profit to send kids and their families on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The man behind it all, Frank Squeo, is a cancer survivor himself and says he vowed if he made it through he would devote the rest of his time to helping others battling life-threatening diseases. In four years’ time, he’s single-handedly sold enough cookies to send 60 families to Disney World for a week.

A Chicago family marked trip number 61 Wednesday. Doctors gave 12-year-old Aoife Gallagher two years to live after she was diagnosed with a rare disease that robbed her of the ability to walk and talk. That was eight years ago, and while she has beat the odds, it has been a difficult road for her family.

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